"A boy sings ... a beautiful thing."

The Big Book

by George Bragg

This book contains "bits and pieces" of writings from the past 50 years.


A Ten-Week Resource Unit
Consideration in Teaching
Approach to Vocal Technique
Training the Boy's Voice
Choirboys in History
Roster of Early Boy Choirs
The Adolescent Voice I and II
Outline of Boy Choir School Curriculum
"The Score" - Gleanings from the Director's Diary
The Arkansas Diary
Reunion/50th Anniversary
The Choir Parent's Handbook
The "Piper" Series of Articles
Congress of European Boy Choirs
Time Line from 3000 B.C. to 2000 A.D.
Continental Boy Choirs
English Choir Schools
American Boy Choirs
Proposal for Boy Choir Studies at U.S.C.
Works for Boy Choir Commissioned by George Bragg
16 Photographs (different) from 1946-1974


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