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In Memoriam: Professor Ferdinand Grossmann (March 1971)

Professor Ferdinand Grossmann shared with us his unique personal love and knowledge of the human voice. His way was filled with fact, much of which was simply astute observation ... often a rejection of teachers' theories ... for in his reflection on their teachings there was not sufficient evidence, he said, that truth was supreme, or that common sense had been included. Therefore, he began to study and to analyze for himself the facts of singing and its source, the voice, and in so doing he discovered for himself a wealth of understanding in much the same way as had Manuel Garcia, the great Spanish vocal explorer of the 19th Century.

In the joy of learning, Professor Grossmann had found a greater joy ... that of sharing with his fellow man the knowledge which he had gained, that was in every sense of the word, his gift to everyone whom he knew. Perhaps this is what his life can symbolize to us ... the taking of a gift and sharing it with others. Maybe this is what life is all about. We humbly thank God for this life and its blessings which will continue to resound in this world to who knows where, and for how long? His pupils numbered in the hundreds, and his fame brought students from all over the world. Let us pray that God will continue to bless us with such understanding and inspiring courage and example. 


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