The Choir Parents' Handbook

Chapter One


Today, more than ever before, in the memory of living man, youth is finding a zest for living. Often, due to the negative sensationalism of our present-day journalism, we are brought into thinking that destructive forces are rampant, and that the constructive qualities so native to God's creation, Man, are being lost in a cauldron of chaotic principles. We do not believe that all good is gone. We believe in youth. We believe in inherent good qualities. We believe in Man's eternity.

Through the Texas Boys' Choir, youth's energies are being put to constructive re-creation of magnificent ideas and ideals, music to which we can give our best, music which supplies the means of great thoughts to be put into action. To such creative desires is the Texas Boys' Choir dedicated.

Visualize, if you will, the choirboy's transformation from the calculated mind of the ten year old "sandlotter" to the vaulted thinking required in the performance of these compositions presented. If space would permit, words alone could not express such a transformation. The choirboy's progress rapidly becomes a way of life, a way of thinking, feeling and living. This, then, is music in action, proof positive of music's multiplicity.

The enduring qualities of the music studied by the boys are not to be found in the rhythymed melodies, nor in the foreign words expressed through careful pronunciation. The enduring qualities found are in expressions of creative youth, full of joy, purposeful living, coupled with new ideals, energetically expressed by future men in creative community.


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