The Choir Parents' Handbook

Chapter Two


A boy choir is a relatively new thing to the people of the Southwest and probably some of the benefits to be gained by your boy participating this year in the Boy Choir are not as well known as they might be.

First, we have to recognize the Texas Boys' Choir as an educational opportunity as well as a musical one. A boy learns many things besides music, which, when added to his other studies, begin to help him understand his academic or school work in a different light There is a new approach to history, geography, arithmetic, in addition to a keener sense of all that is about him in his everyday world. One of the greatest advantages gained is an ability to concentrate and to discipline both mind and body. This, then, answers, "What is Music For?"

Music is more than an "extra" in studies, it is a "must". why? Because it develops the spiritual side of mankind. It allows the individual to become participatingly aware of his other worldliness, of his power of expression, of feelings, and inmost thoughts. What good is it? No man should grow into mature life without the knowledge of knowing how to express himself through singing.

This can be your boy's opportunity, his chance to begin to understand the values more necessary than ever before to the good of himself, so let us both, the parents and the choirmasters take full advantage of his receptive mind now while the under-standing is growing.


Chapter Three


The Texas Boys' Choir of Fort Worth is one of America's outstanding musical organizations today, in standards, in opportunity, in discipline. However, those of us who have had the privilege of working with these youngsters of Fort Worth would like to remind you that the boys belonging to the organization are for the most part everyday boys who enjoy everyday activities.

The members of the Choir are first of all interested in music, sometimes but seldom accomplished in it The Choir boys are taught to distinguish between good and bad music of every kind. We believe that in a world of political,



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