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Members of the Second Advanced Group spend their time in preparation for the day they take their places as members of the Concert Choir. This means that not only do they continue a study of the many forms of Church music through the centuries, but also begin to prepare secular music of many different types, such as, popular music style, folk singing style, as well as a more complete knowledge of the very demanding classical style. This requires much discipline on the part of the choirboy in his practice at home doing vocal and breathing exercises in addition to his work at rehearsals. Appearances in town become more frequent for members of this group, who must show general scholastic improvement during the semester, and general signs of progress as evidenced by enthusiasm and attendance.

The First Advanced Group, sometimes referred to as the Concert Choir, is composed of the best prepared youngsters. This group serves as the literal representative of both the Boys' Choir Organization and our City of Fort Worth in its many appearances about the country.

The members of the First Advanced Choir are unusual in many respects. They accomplish in the space of a regular year far more than most adult choirs, in memorization and performances. The choirboys of this group must maintain outstanding scholastic work in order to be participating members. Their rewards are in direct proportion to their accomplishment, as is evidenced by the m any appearances which the boys have made, both locally and nationally.

Each boy within the entire Boy Choir Organization is tested individually at least four times during the course of one choir year. Auditions are held twice a year, in September and in January, for boys who have ambitions toward the life of a choirboy. There are basically four requirements: The applicant must be between eight and twelve years of age, and must have good health, good grades and a potentially good voice.

The search for individual choral material is an endless one, since yearly the older choirboys must be replaced due to change of voice, and therefore, we are constantly seeking new and better talent with each audition.


Chapter Five


I should like to make one simple comment before branching out into the various phases of rehearsals. Rehearsals are a basic necessity. They have


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