The Choir Parents' Handbook

proven to himself that he is worthy of the greatest, and stronger than most in determination.

It is vitally important that the parent realize his obligation in all this. The boy who has gained this performing standard over the years and the parent who is to profit thereby in all the years to come, each has an obligation to the organization which trained the boy. Superior voices are rare, but nothing can duplicate the years of training put into one boy;therefore, if the parents and the boy accept this training, it should be with the understanding that he is to be available to the organization until his voice ceases to be of treble use. To accept the endless rehearsals, the devoted attention of the Directors, in other words, to accept this "inpouring of the human soul" with thought only of personal gain and convenience is to be deceptive and nullifies in a large measure the greatest value to be derived from all our work. It is far better to discuss doubts (if any) of the coming year or problems that arise during the course of the year openly with the Director.

Once on tour the Choir's life becomes a corporate one, where everyone enjoys the privileges to be had from the rewards of hard work, justly deserved. At no time does a choir boy leave the group on tour, regardless of relatives or family friends. Supervision is at a maximum. It is respectfully requested that no phone calls or telegrams be directed to a boy. Each boy is held responsible for his personal effects although each room is checked prior to the daily departure schedule. Each boy is required to get from 10 to 12 hours sleep per 24 hour period, and once to bed no talking is permitted prior to the rising hour announced individually to each room.

Athletic equipment is permitted on tour if well marked. This may consist of balls, gloves, and one or two bats. Every opportunity is given for this type of activity. Each boy on tour is required to keep a daily legible, accurate, and neat account of the tour in a notebook secured by the boy choir organization. In some cases, teachers have accepted this notebook and scrapbook combined, along with oral reports, as a basis for judging the child's work missed at school while on tour. No boy is allowed to spend money without permission.

Tour, like Boy Choir, can be a wonderful thing. A major tour usually begins with a service of corporate prayer at some specified church and ends some weeks later at the same church with the same boys and parents in a service of thanksgiving for the many blessings derived from this God-given opportunity.

For those boys who have labored long and hard and who will remain at home while some of their friends are on a major tour, let me suggest one word.



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