The Choir Parents' Handbook

Patience. The time will come when each boy who applies himself will find that he is a valuable member of the group enjoying a rich harvest of privileges and opportunities planted a year earlier by boys who themselves were willing to wait.


Chapter Ten


Probably one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Boy Choir is its immaculately, stiffly-starched white collars, grey flannel trousers, and flannel jackets. In the years past the choir boys have brought their neatly pressed uniforms before thousands of people in all p arts of the United States. These people have come to know a e high standards of neatness of the Boy Choir are only in keeping with the high standards of performance.

Basically, the first impression which a person receives of a group is by its appearance, its bearing, and its behavior. The Choirboys have been told, and rightfully so, that a large group attracts more attention by its lack of noise and confusion than by any other means. In meeting a person for the first time, one is impressed by outward appearance and inner bearing, both of which give purpose to that individual's presence. We feel that this is essentially true with groups, also.

Any given group expresses a corporate personality. Such a personality is present, whether there is conscious effort or not. An ill-organized group will express no general direction of its activities and energies. Therefore, it will express no "esprit de corps", nor inner life which says in effect to the world, "This is a way of life", "This is a philosophy of life", or "This we believe".

We must not forget that every group expresses some kind of philosophy. Each group says by its appearance, its bearing, or its behavior: we are organized, or we are disorganized; we have purpose, or we have no purpose; we are a thoughtful people, or we have no thought for people; our thinking is built on principle, or our thinking principle is not yet built. I am sure that much of your interest in this organization was because of some such realization found in the Boy Choir.

Interestingly enough, all of us take pride in doing a difficult job well. It is difficult enough to maintain the exacting schedules of home-life, and school-



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