The Choir Parents' Handbook

life, but maintaining these schedules in addition to the Choir-life is no average person's job. It takes much fore-thought.

Probably the most difficult task of all is to maintain a uniform in constant preparedness. We attempt to post the parents as far ahead of concert schedules as possible. Sometimes this is impossible, since sudden opportunities present themselves, opportunities which the directors and executive committee feel should not be by-passed for one reason or another. Then the frantic word goes out that a concert is scheduled for tomorrow night! Confusion ensues. The result is last minute stops at the cleaners, or if there is not enough time, a disheveled choirboy at the concert.

Other than the usual dictum of not enough starch in the collars of the white shirts, probably the most unsolved is the matter of "baggy-knees" in the grey flannel trousers. Since the material is flannel wool there always exists a basic problem of a need for pressing.

If the weather is humid and damp, you may assume that upon return home your choirboy's pants will need pressing. If your family "nightingale" is not yet in the habit of hanging up his trousers neatly and carefully, (something which he must do on tour) you may assume that his trousers will need pressing. Usually, this brief bit of pressing can be done at home, yet ft should be done after each performance in which your representative has been on a lighted stage for more than thirty minutes, or has participated in concert for more than forty-five minutes, regardless of lighting. If a choirboy perspires this moisture will affect the crease of the wool.

We attempt to take necessary precautions to see that no abuse of the uniforms takes place. However, in the case of the Choir jacket, the best insurance against wrinkles, before concert and after, is a coat-hanger.

In case of cold weather, some alternate jacket should be worn to and from the concert place to prevent any chilling taking place. Scarves should always be worn about the throat after dark in weather below forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Wool navy blue scarves are considered regulation.

Wool navy blue knit caps (no pom-poms) should be worn on Choir occasions when there is a chilling wind which might result in. colds and other health impairments. Caps. are considered necessary in weather below forty degrees Fahrenheit. Black socks are, also, considered uniform items, along with one inch black leather belts with silver or nickel buckles.



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