The Choir Parents' Handbook

Griffin All-White Shoe Polish has broadcast for years, "If you wore shoes upon your head, you'd make sure your shoes look neat". This maxim can certainly be applied to choirboys and black shoes! In bright lights dusty or unpolished shoes look very dull. We are convinced that a weekly polishing (more if necessary) by the choirboy of his choir shoes is a must. We don't believe in the parents doing this job for the boy, even though, as my grandmother used to say, ~t's easier to do ft myself". The choirboy will take better care of his shoes while he wears them if he has to do them himself. In self-defense, you can tell him that "a bright child has bright shoes".

As every good choirboy soon learns, he is expected to have on his person when in uniform, one black comb and two white handkerchiefs (one in his jacket pocket, and one in his hip pocket). These simple items insure the finishing touches of a well-groomed choirboy who is presented to the public in concert between seventy-five and a hundred times a year.



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