The Choir Parents' Handbook

Chapter Eleven


The Texas Boys' Choir is a non-denominational civic organization. It has been described as "an organization unique in America", "ambassadors of good will", "the most versatile musical organization in Fort Worth". These statements are true in application, but what is the organization really? what causes people to work with unselfish dedication for years without much more than verbal reward? Possibly, because most parents and advocates believe in the dedication of those who lead the group. They believe in the unceasing conviction of those who have continued these many years.

Probably more than any other thing the Choir is an experiment Although it is totally a social and musical project, it is pursued and calculated as would be any scientific experiment.

First, we must remember that even though boy choirs have been present in the United States since colonial times, these organizations have been the out-growth of religious sects and, therefore, have remained in the eastern part of our country. No major boy choir has come out of the central United States. Until recently there remained a question as to whether or not the culture of the Southwest could support a boy choir outside an organized church.

For any organization to be considered major it is necessary first of all to acquire a foundation fund. Such a fund is used to guarantee the continuance of such an undertaking for longer than a two or three year period at a time. Thus far, the Texas Boys' Choir has not reached the status of a major musical organization in this respect. As any experiment must begin, certain precepts or basic principles are used as guideposts. These must point to an ultimate goal which is the result of a believed-in conclusion or philosophy.

In searching for knowledge of boy choir (for nowhere is it possible to study the subject formally) we surmised certain possibilities, both musical and social, to be within reach of the American child. Fortunately, two exceptional teachers, both American and European, helped make the quest an easier one. Definite and proven standards were used as a beginning or starting point. These were standards in use by the famous Apollo Boy's Choir of America and the Vienna Boy's Choir of Austria. We have found it necessary



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