The Choir Parents' Handbook

the strange world became familiar, its language understood; four-four equaled rhythm, and silence was golden.

From that moment, progress was the agreed order by lessons accomplished. Learning music by rote and note became a pleasure. Their exercises developed skills, ranges increased, quality produced quality and, finally, control was so conditioned that no longer was the staccato stabbed, but it became as resilient as a bouncing ball.

Skill in the performance of music was the ultimate desire in developing the Texas Boys' Choir. To nurture the necessities of exactness and confidence of performance on the part of the boys, the privilege of singing for their parents was extended them. Having been taught to think ahead in singing so that the singer would always be prepared, this principle was now put into practice, and proved to be a real test. In this brief en-counter of "supreme trial' (for it is a maxim that the chorister will always respond to the directions of the doting kindred in the audience rather than to the directions of his choirmaster on the stage), the weaknesses were magnified, but the confidences were healthily strengthened, not only for the boys, but for the parents alike.

These little boys of sometimes boyish destruction became, in their time, creative. They steadily assured themselves of their place in a creative world, knowing constantly that the best they could do with great music was the least which could be acceptable. Music by the great composers who had lived past their time was recreated by boys who, unitedly, would live past their time.

A sincere respect for the present day artists and their work was realized from the boys' deep respect for their own work. Time became a valuable commodity, expendable to either work or play, but never to both at once. As slowly as when light is realized on an overcast day, discrimination between good and bad music was made; and, as suddenly as when dawn is discovered on a crystalline day, the boys seemed to realize that quality made the difference.

Within a year and a half, the group began to travel to neighboring towns to entertain. Since that time they have enjoyed the rare experiences which come only to the troupers of the entertainment world. Sun Valley, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Houston, New Orleans and Mobile are lasting remembrances. Washington, Philadelphia, New York City and Cincinnati were each a world of accomplishment.



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