The Choir Parents' Handbook

for this first step in enlarging the modern repertoire of boy choir music.

Mr. Dohnanyi, when contacted, most graciously accepted the commission and is at present at work on the composition which is to be premiered this year.

Like all persons who keep their heads in the skies, we sometimes have difficulty in planting our feet firmly on the ground. Those times when we have accomplished this two-way stretch, we can see what the destiny of our mission is to be; a boy choir school to be founded here in the Southwest which will be the first substantial breach of the vastness between the boy choir schools of the East Coast, and the boy choir schools of the West Coast. We have begun to take the initial steps in this larger project, and although it will take considerable time and energy to complete the thought, we know that it will be realized as all such positive and far-reaching work must be.



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