Vocal Training

Exercises for the Development of Bel Canto
George Bragg
(from "The Big Book")

"Ah" contained within the "hm." Teeth apart width of little finger. Lips gently over teeth. Tongue is speaking "Ah_" does not touch roof or soft palate. Listen for ringing resonance.
Same as above. For beginning, sigh from deep in upper abdomen. Tug muscles to begin phonation.
Sigh and talling up of roof area. Can be moved chromatically upward to A.
Sigh continues, ringing resonance continues. Tongue moves freely to create each syllable. Jaw hangs loosely - tongue not influenced. Moves chromatically up one and one-half octaves.
Think "height" so that the first pitch rings where the second pitch will sound. An exercise of sigh-lift/tug-release.
Moves chromatically up a fifth. Can be alternated with a staccato pattern, in which case each note is pulsated at lower upper abdomen.
Legato exercise: Allegro.

Moves chromatically up an octave followed by staccato pattern, each note pulsated.

Can also be used as adagio legato exercise with crescendo to last note, then lift away.

Moves chromatically up an octave.
(Above) An exercise for beginning 3-part experience for novices. Ringing resonance of "m"'s is first in listening importance with full, pure vowels ringing above the gum ridge, supported by breath from lower upper abdomen.

Copyright 2001 George Bragg. Used by permission.


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