Choirboys in History

Name Site of Choirboy Experience Birth & Death Occupation(s)  Nationality
Nachbaur, Franz Basel (Cathedral) 1835-1902 Tenor German
Nanini, Giovanni Maria Vallerano (Cathedral) 1545-1607 Comp./Choirm. Italian
Nares, James Chapel Royal 1715-1783 Comp./Choirm. English
Neefe, Christian Gottlob Chemnitz School Choir 1748-1798 Comp./Cond. German
Neukomm, Sigismund von Salzburg Cathedral 1778-1858 Comp./Cond. Austrian
Nichelmann, Christoph St. Thomas, Leipzig 1717-1762 Comp./Harps'd.  German
Nielsen, Hans Royal Chapel, Copenhagen 1585-   ? Comp./Lutanist  Danish
Noble, Dennis Bristol Cathedral 1899- Baritone English
Norris, Thomas Salisbury Cathedral 1741-1790 Comp./Tenor English
Norris, William Chapel Royal ?     -   ? Composer English
Nourrit, Louis Maitrise Montpellier 1780-1831 Tenor French
Novello, Vincent Sardinian Embassy Chapel 1781-1861 Comp./Publish.  Eng./Italian
Nowak, Leopold Hofkapelle, Wien 1904- Musicologist Austrian

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