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How it all began…

A Brief History of
Boychoir – Past, Present and Future
by Larry Ford, Webmaster

I became acquainted with ‘boychoir’ while doing a web search on the "Vienna Boys Choir" in early 1999. During that search I stumbled across Matthew Griggs’ original "Boychoir Symposium" website and was amazed at the number of boy choirs around the world. Until that time I thought the only boys’ choir was the Vienna Boys Choir.

In March, 1999 I joined the original Voices of Angels discussion group associated with the Boychoir Symposium and thus began my journey into the world of boychoir. Through this group I met many knowledgeable and friendly people who guided my learning. As my knowledge of the art form grew I decided to build my own website devoted to boychoir. In August, 1999, The World of Treble Voices was born. In the process of creating pages for this website I was put in touch with George Bragg of Fort Worth, Texas as a possible source of material. Mr. Bragg sent me several packages of historic material relating to boychoir in the closing months of 1999. At the same time I received a large package of historic material on the California Boys’ Choir from Douglas Neslund of Los Angeles, California as well as articles and photo scans of the material being gathered by Stephen Beet of London, United Kingdom for the first volume of "The Better Land" series of recordings. By the end of 1999 I had an enormous amount of historic material to be used that wasn’t really suitable for The World of Treble Voices website.

Then, at Christmas, 1999 I received a gift of "The Big Book" from George Bragg. This gift was the catalyst, the spark, that became the idea for a website devoted entirely to the history of boychoir.

In February, 2000 I broached the idea of a boychoir history website to a group of friends and it was received warmly. Shortly after that I opened a tentative website on the US Tripod servers and began constructing several pages. During this construction I was annoyed by the pop-up advertisements and decided that this new website was not going to have that annoyance. In March, 2000 I began searching for a commercial hosting company for webspace that was reasonably priced and suitable for the proposed Boychoir – Past, Present and Future website. On April 6, 2000 I rented 20 Megabytes of space from a hosting company in Denver, Colorado, registered the ‘boychoirs.org’ domain name and Boychoir – Past, Present and Future became a reality.

Boychoir – Past, Present and Future combines my life-long interest in history and my new-found interest in boychoir. In the last six years BPPF has grown beyond my wildest dreams. What began as a hobby with 20 megabytes of space in April, 2000 is now a worldwide resource residing on 100 gigabytes of space. Each month BPPF is visited by virtually every country in the civilized world. It is listed in several online indexes, including indices for children and teens. US government websites have links to pages on BPPF as do several universities. A university radio station website links to BPPF as the reference site for the classical instrument ‘boy voices.’

I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to those individuals who provided material and moral support for this website. I want to thank George Bragg, Douglas Neslund, Bjørn Moe; Martin Carson, Peggy Wey, Terry and Lorin Wey, Robert Karlsson, David Wigram, Tammy Dixon, Stephen Beet, Nick Wright of Tadpole Music and Martin Monkman of Amphion Records for their contributions in making Boychoir – Past, Present and Future the success that it has become. I would like to thank the following choirs for their support: the Pacific Boychoir; the American Boychoir; the Land of Lakes Choirboys; the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus; the Albuquerque Boy Choir; the Madison Boychoir; the Wiener Sängerknaben; the Tölzer Kabenchor; the Nidarosdomens Guttekor; the Drakensberg Boys Choir; the Cambridgeshire Boys Choir; the King’s College Choir; St. John’s College Choir; St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir and many, many others. Thank you all for making this website possible.   April, 2006

The care and upkeep of Boychoirs.org was given to Jay Young in July of 2015. Look for updates soon!


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