The Apollo Boys' Choir

"Hansel and Gretel"
(An opera fantasy)

Directed by

Michael Myerberg - John Paul (II)


Written by

Padraic Colum


Cast (in alphabetical order)

Delbert Anderson Sandman (voice)
Helen Boatwright Dew Fairy (voice)
Constance Brigham Hansel/Gretel (voice)
Mildred Dunnock Mother (voice)
Frank Rogier Father (voice)
Anna Russell Rosina Rubylips (voice)

Apollo Boys' Choir
Angels - Children

Produced by Michael Myerberg
Non-Original Music by Engelbert Humperdinck (I)
Cinematography by Martin Munkacsi
Film Editing by James F. Barclay
Set Decoration by Evalds Dajevskis
Costume Design by Ida Vendicktow

Color by Technicolor

(72 minutes)

The following clips from the film "Hansel and Gretel" are large, high-resolution video files. They will stream from DSL or higher connections. Download links have been provided for slower connections. These files are worth the time to download.

Sandman Song and Prayer sequence 8:26 minutes 14.3 Mbytes Stream Download
Children's Chorus sequence 2:17 minutes 3.8 Mbytes Stream Download
Final Chorus/End Title sequence 4:04 minutes 6.8 Mbytes Stream Download


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