"A boy sings ... a beautiful thing."

Articles on Boychoir

A Choir Mom's Story - by Leah Volker
A Choral Rationale for Boys - by Nancy Cox
Art of Making Children Sing With Joy, The - by Bjørn Moe

Cambiata Concept, The - by Dr. Don L. Collins, PhD

Concert Pitch (An Essay) - by Bob Rogers

Concert Pitch (A Discussion) - members of 'Treble' and 'Voices'
Creating a Safe Environment for Singing - by Kenneth Phillips

Discipline - by Paul Forster

Music for Changing Voices - A Cambiata repertoire

Musings of A Choir Parent - by Willard J. Johnson

Pedagogy - by Michael Mauldin

Range - by Michael Mauldin

Rehearsal Techniques - by Paul Forster

Retiring At Fourteen - by Linda Rudquist

Voice Definition and Range - by François R. Velde

Vowel Placement - by Michael Mauldin




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