"A boy sings ... a beautiful thing."

The George Bragg Library

The George Bragg Collection

Articles from the Score

Reminiscences of George Bragg A dedication from the Editor of the Score
Bits and Pieces
Boy Choirs: Sustaining the Uniqueness from the "Director's Diary"
The Choir Parents' Handbook On the Death of A Friend (Oct., 1970)
Discipline In Memoriam: Prof. Ferdinand Grossmann (Mar., 1971)
Education of the Singer

On the Death of Igor Stravinsky (Apr., 1971)

Why Not A Community Boy Choir? Our Dwelling Place (Sept., 1971)
Why Music is Used in Worship On the Illness and Passing of Kalman Halasz (Dec., 1971)
  At Summer's End (Sept., 1972)
  On Touring (Oct., 1972)
"The Pied Piper" series Greetings to The Texas Boys Choir (Oct., 1972)

Boy Choirs in America

At Thanksgiving, 1972 (Nov.-Dec., 1972)
The Pied Piper of Copenhagen On Involvement (May, 1973)
The Pied Piper of Regensburg On Embarking on the Sea of Life (Sept., 1974)
The Pied Piper of Wien Honoring A Volunteer Worker (Jan., 1975)

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