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Boychoir History

Boychoir in the Stream of Time

The 'Time Line' below is shown as it appears in George Bragg's first volume "The Big Book" and gives an overview of boychoir history from it's ancient beginnings to the present time. I would like to make this time line an ongoing project by gathering as much historical information as possible. If any visitor to this site comes across a piece of boychoir history that can be dated please send it along to me and I will place it in the time line. Please include a piece of contemporary history to place alongside the boychoir entry as well.


Time Line

  3000 BC Pyramids built
  2000 BC Aryans migrate
  1728 BC Hammurabi
Thebes (Boy singer) 1500 BC Ankenaton
  1361 - 1351 BC Tutankamen
  1250 BC Moses
  1000 BC Hinduism
Trojan War
Boys used in worship 961 BC Solomon (second Temple)
961 BC - 922 BC
  814 BC Carthage founded by Phoenicians
  776 BC First Olympics
  753 BC Rome founded
Great Wall of China begun
  760 BC Persians rule Israel
  550 - 530 BC Persia under Cyrus the Great
  521 BC Darius I
  509 BC Roman Republic founded
  500 BC Budda
  490 BC Confucius (509 - 479 BC)
  486 BC Golden Age of Greece
  480 BC Xerxes I
Greeks defeat Persians at Salamis
  450 BC Battle of Marathon
Boychoir monument in Athens 335 BC Lysicrates
  323 BC Alexander the Great
Greeks rule Israel
Greeks rule Egypt
  281 BC Hannibal crosses the Alps
  214 BC Great Wall of China
(Begun ca. 750 BC)
  161 BC Greeks conquered by Romans
  44 BC Julius Caesar assassinated
  27 BC Augustus Caesar
  4 BC Birth of Christ
  70 AD Fall of Jerusalem
First recorded song school North Africa ca. Carthage 117 AD Roman Empire at height of power
  161 AD Marcus Aurelius
  323 AD Constantine the Great
Schola cantorum 314 - 352 AD Sylvester
  410 AD Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britons
Roman withdrawal
  433 AD Attila and Huns attack Europe
  440 AD Pope Leo the Great
  455 AD Rome sacked by Vandals
  476 AD Western Roman Empire ends
Chartres Boychoir 485 AD  
  500 - 570 AD Mohammed
  511 AD Clovis
  527 AD Byzantine Emperor Justinian
  590 AD Pope Gregory the Great
Schola cantorum
Song School
597 AD St. Augustine/Kent
  622 AD Hegira (The Flight)
York Minster 627 AD  
  673 - 678 AD Arabs attack Constantinople
  711 AD Spain conquered by Moors
  714 - 744 AD Charles Martel
  787 AD Vikings in Britian
Song Schools 800 AD Charlemagne (771-814 AD)
Holy Roman Empire
Montserrat 880 AD  
  900 AD Alfred the Great
Regensburger Domspatzen 1000 AD Lief Ericson/America
Westminster Abbey 1066 AD Norman invasion of England
  1096 AD First Crusade: Jerusalem
  1097 AD El Cid's death
Dresden Kreuzchor 1206 AD  
St. Thomas School (Leipzig) 1212 AD  
  1215 AD King John/Magna Carta
Riga Doms Cathedral Boys' Choir founded 1240 - 1831 AD  
  1260 AD Kubla Khan Emporer of China
  1273 AD Rise of Hapsburg Family
  1275 AD Marco Polo
  1365 AD Popes at Avignon
  1338 - 1453 AD Hundred Years Wars
  1378 - 1417 AD Great Schism (Papacy divides)
  1394 - 1450 AD Henry, the Navigator
  1415 AD Dukes of Normandy
Battle of Agincourt
  1431 AD Joan of Arc
  1434 AD Medici/Florence
  1438 AD Maxmillian/Hapsburg
Holy Roman Empire
Pontifical Chapel (Rome) 1442 AD  
Vienna Boys Choir 1489 AD  
Scandanavian Chapels 1500's AD  
  1505 AD Ivan the Great
Henry VIII
Ferdinand and Isabella
  1516 AD Charles V of Spain
  1517 AD Martin Luther
  1518 AD Spain in Mexico
Spanish Imperial Chapel under Phillip II (enlarged) 1556 AD Phillip II of Spain
  1558 AD Elizabeth I
  1607 AD Jamestown
  1643 AD Louis XIV
Russian Imperial Chapel 1689 AD Peter I of Russia
  1762 AD Catherine, the Great
  1776 AD American Declaration of Independence
George Washington
  1789 AD French Revolution
  1805 AD Battle of Trafalgar
  1815 AD Battle of Waterloo
  1823 AD Monroe Doctrine
  1837 AD Queen Victoria
  1861 AD USA Civil War
  1862 AD Bismarck
  1914 - 1918 AD World War I
  1917 - 1920 AD Russian Civil War
  1941 - 1945 AD World War II
  1945 AD Atom Bomb
  1969 AD First man on the Moon
Riga Doms Cathedral Boys' Choir reestablished when the Emils Darzins Music School Boys' Choir took the name of Riga Doms Cathedral Boys' Choir. 1990 AD


  2000 AD  
  2001 AD  
  2002 AD  


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