Lorin Wey


Lorin Wey - Boy Soprano

Lorin Wey, soprano
Terry Wey, piano, organ, alto (9), tenor (10)
Peggy Wey-Ervin, oboe (4), piano (9)
Markus Wey, sopranino recorder (8)

Aliocha FR 001


Track List

01. Johann-Abraham Schulz: Der Mond ist aufgegangen M3U WM D/L
02. W.A. Mozart: Laetari, iocari ("Apollo et Hyacinthus")      
03. German Folksong: Heidenröslein      
04. J.S. Bach: Sich üben im Lieben ("Wedding Cantata", BWV 202) M3U WM D/L
05. English Traditional: Lavender's Blue      
06. G.F. Handel: Rejoice ("Messiah")      
07. Scotland, 18th century: Amazing Grace      
08. P. Torri: Son rosignolo ("Ismene") M3U WM D/L
09. G. Rossini: Duetto buffo di due gatti      
10. Rodgers and Hammerstein: Edelweiss      
11. J. Alain: Ave Maria      
12. J. Strauss: Wo die Zitronen blüh'n      
13. F. Reithner: Winter M3U WM D/L
14. W.A. Mozart: Alleluia ("Exsultate, jubilate", KV 165)      
15. E. Humperdinck: Sandmännchen & Abendgebet ("Hänsel und Gretel")      
16. M. Reger: Mariä Wiegenlied      

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"Lorin Wey - Boy Soprano"  may be ordered by contacting Peggy Wey for pricing and shipping information. US customers may order in the US by sending $22.00 (includes shipping) in cash, check or money order to: Margaret Ervin, 322 Saluda Avenue, Batesburg, SC, 29006, USA

Hey, Ho, the Wind and the Rain
Songs from Shakespeare's Plays

Lorin Wey, boy soprano

Terry Wey, piano, harpsichord
Johanna Valencia, viola de gamba, recorder
Stewart McCoy, lute, theorbo
Markus Wey, recorder
Richard Carter, viola da gamba

Tadpole TAD 0304


Track List

1.   Hey, Ho, the Wind and the Rain (Roger Quilter 1877-1953) Twelfth Night: Act V Sc. 1      
2.   Where the Bee Sucks (Thomas Arne 1710-1778) The Tempest: Act V Sc. 1      
3.   Blow, Blow thou Winter Wind (Thomas Arne) As You Like It: Act II Sc. 7      
4.   Fancie (Benjamin Britten 1913-1976) The Merchant of Venice: Act III Sc. 2 M3U WM D/L
5.   Fancy (Francis Poulenc 1899-1963) The Merchant of Venice: Act III Sc. 2      
6.   Full Fathom Five (Michael Tippett 1905-1998) The Tempest: Act I Sc. 2      
7.   Full Fathom Five (Robert Johnson 1583-1633) The Tempest: Act I Sc. 2      
8.   Under the Greenwood Tree (Thomas Arne) As You Like It: Act II Sc. 5      
9.   Hark! Hark! The Lark (attr. Robert Johnson) Cymbeline: Act II Sc. 3      
10. It was a Lover and his Lass (Thomas Morley 1557-1602) As You Like It: Act V Sc. 3      
11. It was a Lover and his Lass (Roger Quilter) As You Like It: Act V Sc. 3 M3U WM D/L
12. O Mistress Mine (Anon, Ed. S. A. McCoy) Twelfth Night: Act II Sc. 3      
13. Orpheus with his Lute (Sir Arthur Sullivan 1842-1900) Henry VIII: Act III Sc. 1      
14. Over Hill, Over Dale (Thomas S. Cooke 1782-1848) Midsummer Night's Dream: Act II Sc. 1      
15. Willow Song (Anon) Othello: Act IV Sc. 3      
16. An Sylvia (F. Schubert 1797-1828) Two Gentlemen from Verona: Act IV Sc. 2      
17. Take, O Take those Lips Away (John Wilson 1599-1674) Measure for Measure: Act IV Sc. 4      
18. Horch, horch, die Lerch (F. Schubert) Cymbeline: Act II Sc. 3      
19. O, Bid your Faithful Ariel Fly (Thomas Linley, junior 1756-1778) The Tempest: from Act I      
20. Where the Bee Sucks (Robert Johnson) The Tempest: Act V Sc. 1 M3U WM D/L
21. Where the Bee Sucks (Michael Tippett) The Tempest: Act V Sc. 1      

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