"A boy sings ... a beautiful thing."

Michael Junior (Verschuere)

mj-wwhg3-sm.jpg (13338 bytes)Dreamland
...debut of a little prince

A radiant smile, eyes full of mischief, windswept hair. He must have been swimming or cycling. Out of breath, he throws himself onto a chair, takes a sip of chocolate milk and spontaneously starts singing a song…"Il Mondo". Divine! He's a royal child, a little prince from dreamland!

His real name is Michael Verschuere and he was born on April 21, 1986 in Eernegem, Belgium. His favorite hobby is singing. A talent which he has probably inherited from his great grandmother who was an opera singer. When Michael goes to see Helmut Lotti in concert in Spring 1998, he doesn’t know yet that he will embark on his journey to dreamland that evening and that it is the beginning of a dream come true.

But before the key turns in the door of dreams, he yet has to impress his idol. And that’s exactly what he does, when Helmut is listening to his rendition of "Tiritomba", and realizes he can sing, too!

Just like that, during the interval, casually, with the flair of the big stars and a happy sparkle in his eyes. He did it , the door is open!

Helmut Lotti is enchanted by this voice and invites Michael to sing the duet "Panis Angelicus" with him on his CD "A Classical Christmas with Helmut Lotti", and at the Christmas concerts at Forest National. There is no denying the fact that everyone is captivated by his charm and Michael takes his first step into his dream world to standing ovations.

In Spring 99, the little prince starts to fly on his own while the king takes him under his wings. "Thanks to Helmut Lotti and Piet Roelen, I have been able to meet so many wonderful people: André Walschaerts (Conductor and Arranger), Peter Koelewijn (Producer), Wim Bohets (Arranger), and all the musicians of the Golden Symphonic Orchestra. I feel very good with them all. They are like my family and I feel at home. With them, I can do what I like most: singing!

Michael dreams of a better world!

During the war in Kosovo, he sang "Maak een beetje plaats voor mij" (Make some room for me) in a benefit concert on Belgian television and captured people’s hearts with this beautiful version of John Hiatts "Have A Little Faith In Me", especially written in Dutch for this occasion by Marc Geenen.

Then the incomparable single "Il Mondo" is released. In Italian. "I've received a letter from Italy, from someone who thinks that I really sing Italian very well. It made me very happy. A year ago I could only speak Dutch. Now, I sing in Italian, in English, in French, in German and even in Latin, and I also speak a little bit of German.

"Il Mondo" was only a foretaste of Michael Junior's first CD "Dreamland". "Nervous? …sometimes a little bit, but most of all, proud and happy".

The little prince flies off with a smile, on his way to some new dreamlands.

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Michael Junior's CD is available at the following online stores:

Song Search Store
German Music Express


Track List

01 Il Mondo 3:25
02 Traumland 3:05


03 Edelweiss 2:52
04 Santa Lucia 3:27
05 Panis Angelicus * 3:05
06 La Spagnola 3:30


07 Wer Kommt Mit Mir (David´s Song) 3:34
08 Ich Liebe Dich 3:24
09 Nur Die Schwaene Wissen Wo 4:09
10 Ave Maria 3:22


11 You´ll Never Walk Alone 2:40
12 Wär Ich Zauberer 3:24


13 Friends *

On the album Michael is singing classical and pop songs in several languages, incl. two duets (*) with Helmut Lotti. "Panis angelicus" was already released as single in 1998.


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