"A boy sings ... a beautiful thing."

The Pasadena Boys Choir

Historic Recording

Alan Boehmer

Suite for Boys' Choir and Orchestra
(Composed for The Pasadena Boys Choir)


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"Full Concert"

The Pasadena Boys Choir
John R. Barron, Director
Narrations by Roger Robbennolt & Gene Wallace
Produced by John R. Barron
Conductor: Alan Boehmer


About the work...

In January 1981, John Barron, Director of the Pasadena Boys Choir commissioned a contemporary work from Alan Boehmer that was to express a series of reflections on the American Civil War through music, words of the period and to be a staged production.

"The Union Forever," completed in May 1981, recalls the story of the Civil War through the eyes and hearts of those who fought it, many of whom were no older than the boys for whom the work was intended to be performed.

It tells its tale, not through the recollection of military campaigns, but through the very songs and words the soldiers sang, both Union and Confederate. Bound together with narrative material, the work provides a continuous progression from the initial enthusiasm of young men filled with thoughts of idealism and adventure, through the realities of the discomforts, suffering and loneliness of war, to the ultimate conclusion expressed in the poignant words of President Lincoln on the occasion of the dedication of the national cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


Clubs Are Trumps
Dale Gallon

Restored and digitized from an original Stereo LP by Robert H. Rogers, Los Angeles, California.

Copyright 1981 The Pasadena Boys Choir

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