Hodie completi sunt

Source: Antiphon for the Magnificat at Second Vespers, Feast of Pentecost.  


Hodie completi sunt dies pentecostes.
Hodie Spiritus sanctus in igne 
discipulis apparuit.
et tribuit eis charismatum dona:  
misit eos in universum mundum 
praedicare et testificari: 
qui crediderit et batizatus fuerit 
salvus erit, alleluia,  
Today the forty days are completed,
Today the Holy Ghost has appeared  
in fire to the disciples,  
and He has given them the gifts of  
his graces:  
He has sent them into the whole world  
to prophesy and give witness:  
whoever believes and is baptized  
will be saved, alleluia.