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On Tour


One of the major highlights in the growth and development of the Texas Boys' Choir was a recent triumphant tour of Europe. The boys gained international acclaim at the famous Eisteddfod Festival in Llangollen, Wales, and following this, appeared in many of the major cities of Europe. Wherever they sang, the Choir met enthusiastic approval as an outstanding cultural accomplishment, acknowledged as equal to the best.

The trip included visits to many of the world's most famous points of interest. A climax of the tour was the singing of High Mass in St. Peter's, and an audience with the Pope in Rome.

Following completion of the extended European tour, the Boys' Choir completed highly successful appearances in New York City, and in Washington, where the nation's leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson and House Speaker Sam Rayburn praised the boys for their effectiveness as good-will ambassadors from America to the people of the world.

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Boys' Choir before the historic cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.







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Texas Choirboys, part of the festival of Holland, see the sights in front of Kurzaal, The Hague, (Scheveningen).

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Texas boys sightsee in the lake country of Wales.



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A huge windmill in Holland dwarfs its curious visitors from America.







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The Choir in concert with the Royal Marines in Rotterdam.



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