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Reproduced below is the program of a Festival to St. Nicholas given by the Texas Boys' Choir and dedicated to the Royal School of Church Music in London, England.

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St. Nicholas Festival
Will Rogers Auditorium
6 December 1968


St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, is also the patron saint of the Royal School of Church Music in London. It is to St. Nicholas that the tradition of giving at Christmas is attributed, and from his Dutch name "Sinterklaas" that we Americans got the name "Santa Claus." This Festival of St. Nicholas is respectfully and gratefully dedicated to the Royal School of Church Music which saw the light of day in the Jerusalem Chamber of Westminster Abbey on St. Nicholas Day, December 6, 1927 when Dr. Sidney Nicholson took the first Steps "to secure the foundation of a school or college in London, which will form a centre of work in the interests of church music."

The Royal School of Church Music, since 1952 under the directorship of Donald H. Knight, now boasts of more than 8000 affiliated choirs around the world. The Texas Boys Choir is proud to be a member and part of this world-wide boychoir movement for the improvement of church music, choristers, and choirmasters. We salute Dr. Knight and his valiant workers at the R.S.C.M. head- quarters at Addington Palace, Croydon.

Tonight's concert is a Feast - a Festival - a Celebration of Christ - a Christ Mass - a retelling with music of God's love expressed through a young maiden and her Son, Himself a Gift to Man, whom the prophets called "The Light of the world": "the Prince of Peace." May the richness of Christmas dwell in your hearts, and its legacy of love linger with you for all time.

George Bragg



Luis Berber, Director
Robert J. Rogers, Faculty Sponsor of Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity Cecil Baily, Director
Saranell Kimbrough, Executive Secretary
Paul Drummond, Phi Mu Alpha President Doug Newton, Public Relations
Miriam Cunningham, Wardrobe
David McGuire, Professor of Music, NTSU Kenneth Polito, Librarian

Members of Beta Sigma Phi, Ushers

Conn Organ furnished through the courtesy of Luke's Music Co., 3424 Camp Bowie Blvd,. ED 2-1379

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