The Pasadena Boys Choir

What people are saying . . .

"The Pasadena Boys Choir is one of our greatest community resources. It is obviously an organization committed to families who care about the quality of life."

"After four months in the Choir, our son's school grades began to improve. By the end of his first year in the Pasadena Boys Choir, he went from a "C" average to all A's and B's."
"This was the best high school preparatory activity that we could have chosen for our youngest child; we wish we had known about it earlier."
"We like the structure, discipline and safety this program provides our son. He is proud of his association with The Pasadena Boys Choir, and we are very pleased with the self-discipline and self-esteem our son has acquired."
"When Chris applied to West Point, they commented about his membership in The Pasadena Boys Choir. We really feel this was one factor which resulted in his admission to the Academy."


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