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Calvert School is a school which is alive and vital in its community, with regular classes conducted every day during the school year. It was founded as a Day School in Baltimore in 1897, and soon became known for its progressive teaching methods, as well as for an exceptionally high standard of achievement by its pupils.

Later, the Trustees decided to extend the School's sphere of usefulness to children all over the world, so that any child unable to attend a good school could enjoy the benefits of a superior education. Calvert School accomplished this aim by preparing a series of courses exactly following the work of the Day School.

The Denton Civic Boy Choir School receives the benefit of the educational methods and study plans now in use in the Calvert classrooms. At Calvert, where there is a large staff of capable teachers in charge of classes, new methods, new books, new devices are proved before being used. The lessons are revised constantly to incorporate the latest teaching methods and procedures.

Specialization with children for more than fifty years has produced this successful course of study.

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7:00 Rising Bell
7:15 Exercises
7:30 Morning devotions
7:35 Breakfast
8:00 School duties
8:25 Inspection
8:30 Classes
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Rest Period
2:30 First Period        The activities during these
3:30 Second Period    periods will vary according to
4:30 Third Period       the individual child. Athletics,
5:30 Fourth Period     projects, practice, etc.
6:15 Preparation for Dinner
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Free Period
9:00 Evening Devotions
9:05 Preparation for Bed
9:20 Lights Out

The morning hours from 8:30 - 12:30 will be spent in academic studies. This will vary with the individual grade groups. The afternoons will be spent in athletics of various types. Piano and voice lessons are given twice a week. Appropriate periods for practice will be made available, and times assigned as the individual's schedule permits.

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