George Bragg

75th Diamond Jubilee Year

from former choirboys and friends


Barry and Barbara Solowey, NYC,NY

"May you have many more Birthdays,"

Barry and Barbara

Dr. Virginia S. Davidson,  Director of the "Treble Singers", NYC,NY

"A very Happy Birthday,"    

Love, Virginia

Susan Bragg O'Keefe,  Oklahoma City, Ok.  

"Happy Birthday to you."

Dr. and Mrs. Louis H. Bragg,  Arlington, Tx.

"Happy Birthday and many more"

Kenneth Polito, Ft.Worth, Tx. 

"May God allow us to share many more birthdays"

Mrs. Ruth Carter Stevenson, Fort Worth, Tx.  Head of the Arts Council

"Sorry to be a day late to wish you a most Happy Birthday--and the
milestone to celebrate"

Mrs. Wm. Whitehead,  New York City

"Happy 75th! and many, many more..

Love ,

Bert Hallock  Palm Beach,  Fl    

"I hope you and yours are healthy and


From Gregg Smith of New York:

Dear George,

How great that you have reached #75. You can look back on a wealth of great achievements and I hope that give you great happiness. Keep on going.

Love from Roz and myself.


From J. T. Vaughan of Chicago, Illinois:

Dear George and Kenneth---------

I realize this tribute will arrive a tad late, but it comes with great admiration, respect, and affection. Happy Birthday, my friend.  I hope your special day was indeed unique and memorable. You deserve it.

I don't know that I ever heard the TBC sound better than when you were the conductor. Certainly the boys' decorum was never better. The programs you designed, the music you made, the recordings you produced were just simply amazing! (I think St. Mark's Gabrielli is my favorite.) You deserve all the accolades you have received.

I have often wondered what my life would have been like if I had had the opportunity to have your tutelage or if a boys choir had been available to me as I grew up. Surely the musical growth would have taken me places I could only dream about wistfully today.

Again, happy birthday. The tributes you receive (and the dinner given in your honor a few years back) should have assured you that you indeed have made a HUGE difference in may people's lives. God bless you.


J. T.

From Douglas Neslund of Sylmar, California:

Thanks GB. I love to see your work coming to a fruition of this sort. Remember how, years ago, I extolled the virtues of the internet to you? It is now even better than it was, and can only get better. You will continue to exist on the internet as long as the internet exists, which may be another form of eternal life! Ha! I guess that goes for both of us, come to think of it.

Love to you, wish we were there...

Doug, Bob, etc.

From John Barron of Glendale, California:

Dear George,

It is 7:30 in the morning here in California, raining cats and dogs, and I am about to hop on the freeway for my two and a half hour drive down to San Diego. How well I remember the many times you and I made this trip following our summers at San Domenico. I always enjoyed our little retreat to our favorite margarita place down there, following our summer work out with the PBC boys and the participants of the Institute.

I could not leave this morning without sending you this birthday greeting! Wonderful memories of our many years of work together come to mind -- what a rare privilege it was for me to encounter you at a young period in my own life when I began to take this fascinating walk into the world of Boy Choir. How benevolent God was to allow me to live during the time of one of history's great Boy Choir Master Teachers. Together with a few of our closest colleagues we expanded the chapters on this amazing chronicle. We touched the lives of thousands of young minds and gave them values, hopes, and dreams, and inspired them to go out into the world and to make a difference through their own contributions and accomplishments. How very blessed I was that God permitted me to live my life at a time when I could be a part of your great influence as a friend and teacher! I shall always be grateful to both of you!

Not too many years ago one of our former colleagues was visiting here in Pasadena and asked if he might sit in on a rehearsal before continuing his trip. After the rehearsal he came up to me and said: "John, the Texas Boys Choir sound is alive and well!" It was a personal compliment which I have always cherished and which was a reflection of your enduring presence and influence of the PBC organization. The visitor's name was Steve Steven's.

I will be thinking of you many times today, my dear friend. Thank you for many years of inspiration, encouragement and love. You will always remain one of the greatest influences in my life and one of my best and dearest friends. Happy Birthday!



From Jeff Thayer of Cleveland, Ohio:

Dear Mr. Bragg,

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on quite an accomplishment! I hope that you have a wonderful day today and that you are planning to celebrate well. I certainly wish that I could be there to give you a big hug, but I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and am there in spirit.

I am still so thankful that I was lucky enough to get to see you recently in Fort Worth and to spend a little time with you after not seeing you for several hears.

Behave yourself and take care!

Ever so fondly,

Jeff Thayer

From Don Collins, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas:

Dear Maetro:

Congratulations on your 75th!!!!

Can you believe it? -- you turned 50 when you started your consultation with us at the Arkansas Boys Choir.  My how time flies!!

My tendency as I got older is to look at all my failures with regrets. The fact is, it is our successes that really matter. You have a catalog full -- relish everyone of them!

I will always love and respect you.

Don L. Collins

From Daniel Guss of New York:

Dear George,

Congratulations on your having reached this milestone (and I hope it is not too much of a millstone). May your indomitable spirit carry you through the day, the year, and many more such days and years.

Warm regards,

Daniel Guss

On January 24, 2001 Brian Torres of Fort Worth, TX sent Maestro Bragg an electronic greeting card. Click on the link below to view this card.

Happy Birthday

From Morris Crayton, Austin, TX:

Dear Mr. Bragg,

Just wanted to tell you that I hope you have a wonderful birthday today. I am thinking about you.



On January 24, 2001 Nina and R.B. Escue of Denton, Texas sent Mastro Bragg an electronic greeting card. Click the below link to view this card.

Celebrate Life!


Dear Mr. Bragg,     

Greetings and congratulations to you on this important milestone in your life.  Happy 75th Birthday!  How honored I am to have been a part of your years at the TBC.  Your mentoring gave my young life a new sense of appreciation for music, language, travel, self-discipline, and goal setting. Thank you for your very positive influence in the lives of so many young men.     

Enjoy your special day, Happy Birthday! 

                                  James R. Shadle, Jr. DDS

                                  (Texas Boys Choir alumnus)


For a man with a heart that reflects his soul. 

Devick Sellam
(Boys Choir of Harlem - New York City)

There is no denying that the lessons and experiences of childhood have great bearing on the resulting person that the child ultimately becomes. But I would go on to say that the people behind those lessons and experiences exert even greater influence on the child's development than do the lessons themselves.

I am now in the 21st year of my professional career, which, although not in music, has been very successful and fruitful. And I owe this, in no small part, to Mr. George Bragg, who exerted a powerful influence upon my development over 5 1/2 years in the Texas Boys Choir. From Mr. Bragg I learned the lessons of hard work, stamina, integrity and professionalism... in a word: character.  I have lived my life by these principles, and they have served me well.

Of course there were other influences upon my development: family, friends, teachers and the genetic material of which my body is composed. But Mr. Bragg lived and embodied the lessons he taught and thus they took hold and became part of me...and many, many others, I think it is safe to say.

And so, Mr. Bragg, I congratulate you upon reaching a milestone in life that not all are so fortunate to reach. I commend you for your dedication to principles and your "Pursuit of Excellence" throughout your life. And I thank you for the childhood experiences, for being a mentor to me and to so many others, in helping to make me the person I am today.

Paul Zuefeldt
(Texas Boys Choir alumnus)

I still have my Denton Civic Boy Choir scrapbook covering the period 1946-1947. I am quite proud of it.  I am quite proud of the fact that I was one of Mr. Bragg's original choirboys.  I distinctly remember almost fifty-five years ago joining a dozen or so of my elementary school classmates in auditions for the new choir being formed for boys.  I don't think many of us knew for sure what we were getting into.  We auditioned at the urging of our school music teacher.  But I am thankful that I did because my days in the Denton Civic Boy Choir were a marvelous time in my life, certainly the most significant experience of my childhood and a time filled with many fond memories.

In a few short months, Mr. Bragg had this new choir singing complex pieces, some in languages that were quite strange to we youngsters.  We worked hard, and we were good!  As early as then, George Bragg taught his choirboys the importance of pursuing excellence.

A special tribute to George Bragg was held at the Texas Boys Choir Hall in Fort Worth on October 19, 1996. The tribute was to commemorate Mr. Bragg, his life, his genius and the profound positive impact he had on so many lives.  The theme of the tribute was "The Pursuit of Excellence."  The hall was filled to capacity with over 300 former choirboys, parents, volunteers, supporters and associates of Mr. Bragg, some coming thousands of miles to show their gratitude and affection.  We heard of his many significant lifetime accomplishments.  We heard Testimonials from former choirboys and other attendees regarding their remembrances of Mr. Bragg.  We heard of their respect and appreciation for the role he had played in their lives.  It was an often-emotional outpouring of their live and admiration for this marvelous, unique person.  I am proud to have been a part of that program.

So, Mr. Bragg, I join the many others who wish you a very happy and joyful 75th birthday.  Please take comfort in knowing of the love that we all have for you and the gratefulness we feel for your being such an important person in our lives.

Happy Birthday

Marvin Bahnman
(Denton Civic Boys Choir alumnus)

Going through my life and career, it was obvious that if George Bragg had not entered it, I would shudder to think where I would be. Every member of the Texas Boys Choir was inspired by him in one way or another. Over all, he has probably produced more outstanding citizens, Americans and musicians than any conductor of his kind. Right away, I knew that in him and his beloved organization I had found someone who would be my beacon of inspiration and guidance. Getting to the top seemed the only thing to do and he showed all of us that it was possible. Equally so, the also taught the meaning of discipline.

I realize not only was he my first great teacher, he showed me history in the flesh by the trips to the capitals of Europe and Scandinavia, not to mention 48 states. Looking back, there was no greater teacher than these tour experiences. Over the five years I was a member of the Texas Boys Choir, I saw the world and put forth many dreams. Values and social skills also were passed onto me. Every good trait I have clearly stems back to George Bragg.

Youth and this springboard of opportunities enabled me to have a modest singing career. Over all, I owe all to him. Undoubtedly, he will have many people around the planet singing his praises today.

Happy 75th Birthday, George!

Donald Collup
(Texas Boys Choir alumnus)

Best wishes for a happy birthday, George.

David N. Walker
(Texas Boys Choir almunus)

75th Diamond Jubilee Year

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