The Texas Boys' Choir

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St. Thomas Choir School



Almighty God, we beseech thee, with thy gracious favour to behold our universities, colleges, and schools, especially the Choir School of St. Thomas Church, that knowledge may be increased among us, and all good learning flourish and abound. Bless all who teach and all Who learn; and grant that in humility of heart they may ever look unto thee, who art the fountain of all wisdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who hast committed to thy holy Church the care and nurture of thy children; Enlighten with thy wisdom those who teach and those who learn, that, rejoicing in the knowledge of thy truth, they may worship thee and serve thee from generation to generation through Jesus Chnst our Lord. Amen.

Watch over our school, 0 Lord, as its years increase. Bless and guide her sons wherever they may be. Let their hearts be warm with idealism, their minds alert to truth and their principles deep and strong. Uphold them in times of testing, comfort them in times of sorrow and renew them in times of defeat. Grant that as they grow in age they may grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Immediately following the morning service each Sunday there is an informal reception in the Parish House at which coffee is served and to Which all members of the congregation are invited. Please come and make it a point to meet someone whom you have not known before.

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A guided tour of the church is conducted after the 11 o'clock service each Sunday. Please assemble in the front pews below the pulpit. At the conclusion of the organ postlude the tour begins.

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Each Wednesday during March (5th, 12th, 19th and 26th) at 1:45 Dr. deJong will lecture in the Parish House. You are welcome. Luncheon is served at 12:45 for all who make reservations by calling CI 7-0996.

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There is a supply of leaflets in the narthex announcing our Holy Week preachers. Please take them and give them to your acquaintances and business colleagues, especially if you are employed in this neighborhood.

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"This anniversary year - the 25th since the founding of the Choir School, has seen many changes take place. The retirement of Dr. Noble and the resignation of Mr. Benham to assume a new position at Wooster Academy have made it seem that an era has passed."

--James 0. Carson, Jr.   
Headmaster (1943)      

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