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St. Thomas Choir School


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Randall Thompson, well-known American composer, was commissioned by Saint Thomas Church to write a composition for the fiftieth anniversary of the Choir School. This composition, The Place of the Blest, was recently finished at châlet Grasa, Gstaad, Switzerland, where Dr. Thompson has been spending the winter. The cantata receives its first performance today and the composer was to have come from Switzerland to conduct. Last minute illness intervened.

Dr. Thompson recently retired from Harvard University where he was a Professor of Music and Chairman of the Department of Music.

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"Much is heard at the present time about the 'aims 'of modem education' as though fundamentals of good education had greatly changed in recent years. Should not these aims still be, very briefly, to make gentlemen and scholars and to awaken in the individual the desire to be a useful member of society? It seems almost self-evident if the spirit of religion and the welfare of our country are to be preserved it must be through the inculcation in the very young of very sound habits of thought, generous and humane impulses and the desire to aid in the work of the world."

-Charles M. Benham,
Headmaster (1934)   

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