The Texas Boys' Choir

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The average Texas Choirboy is twelve years old, likes baseball and other ordinary interests of healthy, growing youngsters. He is above average in school work, since good grades are a must for membership, and he loves the hard schedule of work required.

In addition to the demands of a busy life made on all school boys, the Texas Choirboy must be willing to undergo numerous hours of musical study. He must have the determination and resilience to take criticism and relentless practice to achieve his goal of perfection, under demanding leadership of his conductors.

And yet, he finds that it's worth the price when he joins his friends in concert with his newly-acquired blue jacket, gray trousers and crisp, white shirt.

On concert tour, of course, the Choirboy's life takes on even more excitement. There are the adventures of travel to foreign lands, the fun of living through geography lessons . . . the thundering ovations of audiences everywhere the Choir performs.

By the time he reaches young manhood, the Texas Choirboy has reaped a rich experience that extends far beyond his musical interests, and prepares him for greater accomplishments throughout his life.

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Choirboy takes time out to autograph a program for an English lad.




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Texas Choirboy shows off western outfit to visiting Vienna Choirboys.





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Choirboys spend many hours each week in study and rehearsal.



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Youngsters try out fascinating new toys in Holland.



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Parisian shop girl packages French perfume for young American gentlemen.





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