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"The best boys choir in the world." ...Igor Stravinsky
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In 1946, with a nucleus of twenty-six boys, George Bragg founded the Denton Civic Boy Choir. Through hard work and determination the choir grew and gained a reputation for excellence not only in Denton, Texas, but throughout Texas and the nation. In time a choir school was established to train the choirboys, not only in musical knowledge, but in the knowledge necessary to become men.

To meet the needs of a growing choir and to provide a more central location for its activities, the choir was moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1957 and became known officially as The Texas Boys Choir of Fort Worth. Continuing to grow in excellence and reputation The Texas Boys Choir soon became an American institution known and respected throughout the nation and around the world.

Below you will find links to articles, photos, audio clips and other information that documents Igor Stravinsky's assessment that the Texas Boys Choir was indeed 'the best boys choir in the world.'

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A Word from the Director

Denton Civic Boy Choir School

St. Thomas Choir School - 50th Anniversary

The Voice of Youth Heralds the World... (1958)

St. Nicholas Festival

Life with the Texas Boys' Choir

The Continental Soldier - (Slide show)

The Texas Boys' Choir in Europe - (Two pages)

The Continental Soldier Suite - (Photos/lyrics/audio)
George Bragg's 75th Diamond Jubilee The Place of the Blest - (Live Concert Recording)
Denton Civic Boys Choir - In Memoriam Choir Ad from "Musical America"
George Bragg - In Memoriam Fiftieth Anniversary Reunion - (1946-1996)
Texas Boys Choir - In Memoriam A Time of Waking - (Documentary video)
Legends in Our Own Time  


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